An evening with friends! :)

Vicki decided this would be a good evening to get a small group together and head out for dinner at Texas Roadhouse... it was very weird for a couple reasons. January 12th is I believe the date (a year ago) we met with John & Vicki at Texas Roadhouse for dinner to hang out after we'd just matched officially (I need to double check last years blog posts, but I know we did something together on January 12th). And we sat in the same booth that we all sat in a year ago! I got to meet Doug and his girlfriend, I think they are coming to the mountains in February so it was nice to meet him too. Now I know everyone that will be going! I cannot wait for that getaway weekend! :)

In any event, it was really nice just to hang out with friends and laugh pretty much all evening! I am still smiling from having a great time. :) It is nice to feel happy so much lately.

Then I came home and had a piece of homemade pie which I baked last night and am chatting with Vicki - my evening is complete! :D It's been a pretty good day!

I visited Brittany (a surro mom I met through SMO) in the hospital today. She is on bedrest with twins for the next month (YIKES) so I took her some flowers and spent a little time there. It was nice to meet her - makes you realize just how serious a multiple pregnancy can be! Her two singletons were problem free, but her body just isn't handling twins the same at all. I know some do get lucky, but many have so much more difficult a time. I have been nervous about twins since contemplating a second surrogacy pregnancy. I hope if I do get pregnant with twins it will be as complication free as possible - knocking on wood and saying my prayers now! :)

Lupron starts in less than 2 weeks! I need to get in touch with the clinic for a tentative calendar so I have my dosages. I'm actually going to need them soon. Wow! :)


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  2. We had a great time last night!! Glad you were able to come. I think I am sore this morning from laughing so much last night.



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