Sick and tired of being sick and tired!!

It's been a LONG weekend... I started coming down with something on Friday and knew I was going to spend my weekend sick, but I figured I would be feeling better by today. Nope!

Saturday I slept in until it was time to take Kent to jiu jitsu at 9:30 and then came home again for more resting. I felt a little better in the afternoon so we went to see Sherlock Holmes, then I scanned some of my pictures from my childhood albums into the computer and otherwise took it easy some more. Sunday I felt pretty good, got up and went to church and spent most of the afternoon in the Discovery 1 class which is a pre-req for membership but mainly I was interested in learning more about the the church and their history as I think I do want to invest more of my time and energy there and wanted to learn more about them before getting more involved. I am in the process of filling out paperwork to join the Praiseland team which helps with the children birth through pre-k. I have such a heart for children and haven't been able to really find an outlet for that other than through surrogacy and think this will be wonderful to be involved in! I'm excited! I want to sing too, eventually, but this is what was on my heart right now.

I took it pretty easy Sunday afternoon, did more photo scanning. We had today off for MLK Jr. Day, so I got to sleep in again and when I woke up I knew I was not going to have a great day. I felt like crud again. I took my sudafed cough and cold as soon as I got up and have been taking it faithfully every 4 hours trying to keep the congestion in my head to a minimum. I've been drinking fluids and pretty much doing nothing but resting today. We had to run errands this morning - Kent had a 9:30 dentist cleaning, then we picked up a couple items at the store and I had a blood draw. We stopped for lunch out since I've been craving sizzling rice soup ever since coming down with this cold. Then home and into bed I went. Got in bed a little after 12:00 and didn't wake up until after 3:30. From the bed I moved to the couch, armed with a fuzzy blanket, tissues, juice, my pills and my Symphony Bar I picked up at the store. Chocolate is part of every good medicinal protocol!

I've been on the couch all afternoon. And I still feel like crap. My head is aching from the sinus pressure, my nose is all plugged up and I just feel drained and completely exhausted. This is very frustrating! I am most likely going to work tomorrow and just hoping it doesn't set me back further.

I am not sure how much it plays in, but I have a lot of stress right now too in my personal life and I'm sure that isn't helping me heal quickly. I just have to do the best I can to take care of myself and hope this cold decides to hit the road soon so I can get back to my normal energy level! I did some dishes, one load of laundry and vacuumed the living room and kitchen this weekend and that was all I could muster. I am getting so behind! I know I'll catch up eventually, I hate letting things go though when I'm feeling like this... hopefully by next weekend I'll be back to me!


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