Happy New Year!

Hope 2010 is an amazing year for everyone! The year started off fantastically with a great get together with good friends. John & Vicki hosted a bonfire for a small group and we toasted marshmallows and hotdogs and welcomed the New Year with lots of laughter! We took a buggy and 2 rock crawlers down to the bonfire pit area, and my favorite part was getting to ride twice back up the hill to the house!! That was AWESOME!! The 1st time I went with Vicki back up to the house for a restroom break and she drove, it was FUN!! The 2nd time was at the very end of the evening when there were just 4 of us left and we took the 4Runner back up - apparently heavier truck and heavier load equals backsliding. We did that twice while the girls screamed for mercy and the backseat driver egged John on!! That was crazy, but still fun, but mostly crazy. :D Thankfully we found a less terrifying route up another direction! It was really nice to hang out and enjoy the fire and teasing and laughter for an evening.

Kent and I took it easy on Friday for the most part, Vicki and I started planning a February weekend getaway and I made a pot of pinto beans (that were freakin' AWESOME) for the first time for dinner. Kent says we ate "country"! He loved them.

Today was more action packed - I woke up and realized we had to leave for jiu jitsu in about an hour and a half and needed to get Kent's uniform washed. I ran down, threw that in, and then ended up on the phone with Kenneth until about 15 minutes before we were supposed to leave. I got the clothes switched to the dryer in time, and then as soon as I hung up with Kenneth I rushed into the shower and hollered at Kent to get the dogs situated and get into his uniform and get the car started. We were about 10 minutes late to class, but he got there! The class size seems to still be very diminished due to the Holidays I am guessing. Not long after we got there I was on the phone with Vicki when she backed into her dog. She wasn't sure how bad she was hurt though because Harley took off into the woods. As soon as Kent was done with jiu jitsu we rushed by the house so he could change, then hopped back in the car and went out to Vicki's. Vicki and I spent nearly 2 hours in about 30 degree weather wandering their woods and calling for Harley and searching the ground, not knowing what had happened or how far she would have gone. We finally gave up a little after 1:00 and went back inside. Johnny went down for a nap and Jared woke up from his not long after.

Vicki and I spent some time looking up cabin rentals and talking some of the details for our mountain trip in February and discussing what I needed to add to my wardrobe to not fall over from hypothermia! I am not cold weather prepared. Once Johnny was up from his nap and Jared had his bottle we headed out around 4:15 and went for late lunch/early dinner at Sumo (a Japanese restaurant). We'd eaten there before not too long ago and had a great dining experience! Not so much this time. The food didn't taste quite right, and by the time we got to Kohls to pick up some cold weather clothes I had to run to restroom to throw up and Vicki's stomach was hurting. Bummer! So much for all the leftovers I brought home! (And it was during our dinner that Vicki got a call from John informing her that Harley had appeared at the house!! TWO HOURS of calling her, and nothing, and she showed up on her own)!!

While at Kohl's I picked up some thermal underwear, a nice warm coat with a zip in (super soft and fuzzy) lining, some warm pajama pants and a pair of ear muffs (and one too cute shirt that could not be denied). I am all set! Now the count down begins! :)

Tomorrow we'll go to church in the morning and then I'll finally take Kent to see Avatar. I was going to take him today but plans changed when we went searching for Harley! I am just glad Harley is ok! Looking forward to one more day off before its back to reality and a full work week! Ack!


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