Almost Friday - Yay!

Today was a good day! The weather was pretty nice (it's been FREEZING!) but it was a little warmer today and I didn't have to wear my gloves and scarf for a change. :)

I've been busy at work which makes the day go quickly, but at the same time this week has felt like it was DRAGGING! I am so glad tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is about here! We don't have any big plans, just looking forward to some down time.

Vicki and I had a really good chat this morning that started the day off good, and then we got to meet up for lunch at Einstein's over by my office (yummy!) and I went with her to Jared's appointment for his shot. He is such a CUTE lil punkin!

The rest of the afternoon flew by and I enjoyed my drive home. Kent and I finished up the leftovers for dinner and then I got on the treadmill and put a TV recording on and walked about 3.5 miles. It totally wore me out though, I don't think I've been eating enough protein yet with cutting meat out of my diet and I have been reducing my total food intake anyway so the combination of the two leaves me feeling fairly tired most of the time. I'm working on it. I drank 2 big glasses of water while I walked and since I was feeling pretty woozy when I got off the treadmill I had some peanut butter on an english muffin for a good boost.

We have about a month until our Gatlinburg trip and I have a weight loss goal of about 5-10 more pounds between now and then and the treadmill walking is more for getting my lungs and legs in shape for all the walking we will be doing while we're there. It feels good to get on the treadmill and be active a little! I need to be back in a more regular work out routine anyway with cycling coming back up - I want to be in good shape and have good eating habits established before starting the meds up again since I have a tendancy to gain when I'm on lots of fake hormones if I'm not careful!

Off for a bubble bath and bed!


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