Hoping to get a calendar soon!

I got a note from my IM that she's started her meds as well (her lupron started yesterday) and she mentioned it was going to be a "long cycle" so I think we're still aiming for last week of February, first week of March. I called and left RBA a message this morning to ask if a) "L" starting lupron means we have a calendar? b) since I started meds Monday is there anything I need to get scheduled, or just wait for instructions? c) can I get a refill on my lupron kit - I only have 3 syringes left?! I still feel totally relaxed about this cycle, and just have a big curiosity as to how it will go this time around! I have learned to expect nothing when it comes to IVF cycling, if something can go wrong it usually does but every now and then you get a pleasant surprise. :) I am hoping we are all pleasantly surprised this time around. I still cannot believe it's been going on 8 months since we matched. Time flies!

I am looking forward to church and seeing friends on Sunday and hoping we get to all go to Steele, AL (weather permitting) to watch some testing and tuning at the drag strip! I've never been and am excited, I really hope it warms up enough that the racetrack will be open!

Vicki & I got tickets for the circus on the 13th - to take Kent and Johnny, I am SO excited!! I really wanted to go last year but didn't fit it in. But this year we are - Kent has NEVER been to the circus and the last time I remember going I was younger than he is now! I have a vivid memory of getting a pretzel with mustard and the huge red tent, but don't remember much more than that. I showed Kent a preview video and he was so excited, he's going to love it!

I am still counting down to our mountain getaway trip in 3 more weeks exactly from today! I can't WAIT to get away for a little while and have a blast snow tubing and soaking in a hot tub and enjoying some beautiful mountain views! Yay! Lots of good things to look forward to in the coming months. :)


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