1 Week On Lupron!

Ahh the joys of fake hormones! I am up and down and all around! :) Seems like I can get through the day and feel fairly normal (had a couple days with constant headaches but haven't noticed those as much the last couple days) but by the evenings it seems I am just spent and the grumpiness hits full force and I have to struggle to be civil! It's frustrating when I know that's not how I really feel but have no control whatsoever to change the way I'm feeling. I was trying to explain it to Kent. I usually tell him "we control how we feel" and then trying to explain "except when mommy is on evil hormones"!! :D

Yesterday was a nice day - we ran a bunch of errands and got a lot done, and I got to take Kent shopping for a couple new books at Barnes and Nobles and then some new Pokemon cards at Wal Mart (we exchanged a couple Christmas gifts so he had some "fun" money). Finally found a light bulb for his clip on lamp which has needed replacement for ages but I had to go to Home Depot to find it, it wasn't a "regular" bulb I was able to find at Wal Mart or Target. That was nice to get that checked off the list finally! We had to get Kent new frames too - he snapped his other ones in half! I knew we were going to have to get new ones this year anyway, and he's due for his exam in another month and a half and really I didn't spend any more getting these ones then I would with the insurance (with Lenscrafter's protection plan you only pay 50% so it wasn't that bad). The lenses are always the really pricey part anyway!

I am rambling this afternoon, just feeling chatty I guess. It feels good to be having a "good" day! I had SUCH a blast helping with my new 2-year old room at church today. I cannot tell you how much happiness it brought me just to play with a room full of 2 year olds for a little over an hour. I just adore them!! And it was awesome to get that reminder of just how trusting and sweet they are at that age too - I had originally thought I wanted to work with newborns, but this age is PERFECT! You can really get down on the ground and play with them but they're old enough to be able to communicate pretty well too, and they distract easily if they're upset about something! :) I loved when we went into the group singing/lesson how one of the little girls wanted to hold my hand the whole time and then crawled into my lap, just melted my heart!! Love them! :) It helped put me in a great mood! The sermon today was good too and then a few of us went out for lunch at La Tequila and I got a yummy veggie burrito which I enjoyed, I'm still stuffed full of tortilla chips I think! Kent and Johnny had fun (for the most part :D ) playing across the table and it was nice to hang out and have adult conversation for a little while! :)

I started cleaning up and have more to do but needed a little break. I really want a nap (I think the drugs are really zapping my energy level) but I might be having company in another hour and a half so I'm trying to get stuff ready just in case!

Time to get back to it!


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