Waiting, waiting…

Well, I’ve heard back from 2 of the agencies I’ve been in touch with that have potential IPs that might like to talk to me… I hope to have news of a teleconference SOON!! It made me happy to hear there are IPs who are interested, that’s always encouraging! Now to get onto the part where we TALK so we can see if we click!

I hope maybe within a week to hear more from at least one of them.

I took a sick day yesterday and rested a lot, I’ve had a cold for what seems like WEEKS now. My throat is sore, and my sinuses are off and on congested. I’m tired. I am not sure what else to do to make it go away! I guess just some more time…

The January Georgia Peach Meet is coming up in 3.5 more weeks – I can’t wait!! I haven’t seen everyone since I think August or something like that? It was awhile back!


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