Things Are Rolling Along!

We had our official "we're matched" posting on SMO (link above)! I am so excited and ready to see what the coming year brings!!

I am so incredibly excited that John and Vicki found me and that I will get to help make them parents again hopefully this year (they have one very handsome little boy via open adoption)!

We had run late to our Saturday meeting - Kenneth was being a pain in my rear end and dragging his feet about going (I think he was protesting me making him leave the house on a Saturday morning). We finally got there and found John and Vicki in the back where they'd pulled 2 tables together and 5 chairs. Kent fidgeted the entire time, but he was pretty good - I'm sure he was bored to tears, and I didn't realize that about an hour and a half had flown by before we finally moved outside to say our goodbyes!! Time seems to fly whenever we hang out together, it's so easy to just "talk, talk, talk"!!

We e-mailed and IMed a little that evening just to make sure that both the guys were on board after the get together and made it OFFICIAL official!! We were excited for our Monday appointment in Atlanta.

Yesterday went really well! Vicki found the house (hopefully without too many issues), and picked me up a little after 12:00, and took me to a fantastic Chinese restaurant for lunch (the sizzling rice soup was awesome and their egg rolls were really good). Then we hopped back in the car for about a 50 minute drive into Atlanta, and we found the doctor's office without too much trouble (it's off the same exit that I drive every day for work)! Vicki had made us matching green notebooks with tabs for Dr. H./cycling, the OB/Hospital, Attorney and General. It's super cute and I love having a place to put notes and printouts and info that we're gathering! (I have so many things to print out and add to their today!!) :D

So, at the doctor's office we got there about 15 minutes ahead of our 2:15 appointment time, and turned in copies of driver's license, insurance, and pre-filled out new patient forms. She gave me more forms to sign and then we waited maybe a half hour before we were taken back. I did the pee in a cup/height/weight/blood pressure and the nurse entered some info into a computer. Then we were taken back to the exam room and I was asked to undress completely and put on this ever so lovely pink paper gown, opened to the front. The nurse asked if Vicki needed to step out and I think I said "I'm sure she's going to see a lot worse"!! Once I was pretty in pink, I sat on the table, and Vicki sat in the chair next to me and we waited, and talked, and waited, and talked... and it was after 4:00 when Dr. H. finally came in!! (At one point he asked us why they called us patients, and I said "Because we have to wait for so long?" He said we had to have a lot of patience... let's hope we don't have to have THAT much patience at every appointment!!) :D

We chit chatted a little, and he did a breast exam and an internal exam on me and we talked about cycling and expressed our interest in as natural a cycle as possible. He was very friendly and answered all of our questions and told us to call on CD1 when we're ready to move forward with the IUI. He said we can bring our contract at that appointment, and that we have all the testing we need up to date (we left copies with him). He said I was a "nice, healthy young lady" and was a good choice. :D Yeah me!

So, now we have a good idea of what we need to do when it's time to cycle, and I am cleared - so on to contracts and talking with the attorney next. We're discussing one last important issue and have to agree on that before we can move forward.

I am excited of course and was glad the appointment went so smoothly, and can't wait for March! :)


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