Happy Thursday!

Not too much to mention today, still waiting on the final application for the STD policy, and waiting on the first draft of the contract for review... :) Vicki and I said yesterday we feel like we've been having the same conversations with the same people for a week or more now! I thought for sure we'd have at least one or both of those things in hand by Friday - maybe we will, we'll see!!

I am getting SO excited for this weekend!! We're having a Peach Meet in Macon, and I'm driving to Macon with Kent on Friday night, there will be a mini gathering Friday evening at a hotel there in Macon for those who are driving in, and they're some of my bestest friends in the surrogacy community. I can't WAIT to see them (and 2 of my friend's are bringing their little ones and I wanna get some snuggles in)! :) Kenneth will probably ride his motorcycle up the next day and spend a couple hours at the GTG -it will be good that he can leave whenever he's ready since he never lasts as long as I do at the GTG's! I am so bummed Vicki & John won't be there, I wanted them to meet everyone so bad - but they already had their ski trip planned out before we met, so not this time.

I am now on CD 7 and trying to decide whether or not to use OPKs with this cycle, I probably should just to make sure I get the hang of it, I'll have 2 "practice" cycles, before the real one - so 3 months total of charting including our upcoming IUI cycle. I am so excited to get to April, and can't wait to get a few more of our "to-do" items checked off. (Vicki and I talked about it, and I am going to use the OPKs this cycle, I'll probably start around CD13 or 14).

We contacted a midwife through Birthing Right and asked about Georgia Waterbirthing and were guided to 2 midwives who practice at ISIS OBGYN in Alpharetta. They have FANTASTIC waterbirth set ups at North Fulton. We're considering that as an option. The OBGYN and hospital are an hour drive though, so we have to figure out if that's what we really want, if it's worth it to make that drive for all the appointments. I do think it would be a pretty special and incredible experience though. I am determined, either way, to labor in the water this time (Cobb Hospital allows water laboring, just not delivery). I am glad we're talking about it now, and thinking through it all, so we can have our "game plan" in place from the beginning and make sure we do whatever is necessary to have the birth experience we all want. I am excited that Vicki wants to be an active part of the labor and delivery, and think we're going to make a great team... last time I had no support outside of the nurses (who were AWESOME), but I know having an active labor partner can make a big difference, and will help with my focus and my confidence in myself. We have a long ways to go, to get to that point though - but it's still fun to think through the future possibilities!

And an update on T&I, I heard from them today! I was so excited to see their e-mail and hear that things are really hectic for "T" at work, but they're ok and Fiona is doing great. I've been getting a little worried lately, it's been almost a full month since their last contact, and that's not like them. I was going to call "I" today, if there was no e-mail, so I'm glad they were able to write back! I've been thinking about them a lot lately...

Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have some more to update on! :) We're getting there, slowly and surely.


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