Another weekend come and gone!

We had a busy weekend! :) Saturday we took our foster dog to the vet for her first check up since she came to us about a month ago. The vet said she's within about 10 days of delivery and did an x-ray and counted at least ELEVEN puppies! Holy smoke!! Her belly has gotten HUGE, it just seems to grow each day - she's practically dragging on the ground now... She was so scared being in the car and interracting with unfamiliar people. Poor baby!! Just breaks my heart to see her so scared still... She's still so thin too, with all those puppies snagging a lot of her calorie intake, and her not being a big eater, it's hard to get her to gain. She's up almost 15lbs from when they weighed her upon intake though, so she's doing ok - she could really use anothe 10+ pounds though.

After the vet appointment, we all went to the animal shelter to visit with the animals, pet a few, get them out of their cages. They were having FREE adoptions! It is a miracle we didn't come home with 2 or 3 new pets...!! I loved an orange kitty I saw, but I just don't think I want to take on more animals right now - not with Pebbles due with a huge litter within a week or so.

Then Saturday evening we met John, Vicki, and Johnny at Texas Roadhouse for dinner! It was really nice to just hang out together, after the past week and all the highs and lows - it was good to just have a meal together and chit chat. We were at the restaurant for about 2.5 hours - I doubt our waitress was happy with us for holding up her table on a Saturday night for that long!! Next time we'll have to get together at a house so the boys don't have to sit for so long, and we can just hang without being on a timeline (not to mention we got to listen to birthday clapping about 8 times)! :D

Sunday we were pretty laid back, hanging out at home except for running a couple errands this evening. We stopped by Best Buy - we're thinking about getting a 2nd lap top, and Kenneth is considering the options, which generally takes a good bit of research and consideration before a purchase.

That was our weekend, waiting to hear back from Scott the STD policy rep - he sent me an e-mail that he needed some info over the phone to pre-fill most of the aplication and then he could e-mail me the rest to fill out. I left him a voicemail, and am hoping we'll have that underway tomorrow. We're still waiting on the 1st draft of the contract too... I'm sure this will be a good, productive week for us!

I'm so excited about this coming weekend - going to Macon on Saturday to have a Georgia Get Together with the local ladies and gentlemen in the surro community, and several of my friends from far away are coming too - I'm SOO pumped!! :) John & Vicki are headed out of town for that weekend, and I'm so bummed they won't get to come too - it's always such a good time, and such a great way to network and gather great information from others who have so much experience to and knowledge to share.

I need to get my picture albums updated, and bring those with!


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