One month…

It’s now been a month since that repeat beta we had, and so about a month of searching… I have met IPs who I would love, very much, to TS for, but the timing isn’t right – though I do hope that in the future that might change.

I’ve talked with several agencies and have heard nothing in awhile from any of them which is disappointing. I don’t expect to have a match right away, but would like to know there are potential IPs out there, searching too. I’d like to know my profile is being shown to a few potential IPs.

I haven’t heard from T&I since the Christmas card I got from them, and it is making me a little sad… I really hope now that the Holiday’s are over things will settle down for everyone and maybe they’ll find time to reply to my e-mail.

I think I feel a little frustrated because it was so easy with my GS match, once the agency application was in the rest fell into place. I have a feeling that I could find a GS match pretty easily if that’s how I was searching, but TS is what I’ve decided on and I need to just be patient and see what happens. So really, all of that to say I don’t have any new updates!

We got to spend New Years Eve with the IPs we met a little while back, Krista and Jay – it was a GREAT time! It was wonderful to visit with them and their friends and neighbors, and Kent had lots of little kids to run around with. Kenneth got to spend an hour or two talking with another Marine, and that always makes him happy! :) He goes for drill this week – he leaves Wednesday and is gone through the weekend, so Kent and I get some “just us” time! I’m sure we’ll have fun this weekend; maybe we’ll make teddy bear pancakes on Saturday. :)


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