Pinch Me?

I just can't get over how easy things have been since V and I first started chatting... it's just flowed so smoothly. We've been able to discuss just about everything under the sun, and I've never once felt uncomfortable with anything she's brought up, or any of her responses. I KNOW we're going to make a strong and fantastic team - and cannot WAIT to help make them parent's again!!

I am filled with such a sense of peace and calm this afternoon. There is that excitement and anticipation, but there is this "old soul" feel as well, a connection, a strength, a bond... This is the "lasting kind"... not just the "I'm so excited to meet you" with no "meat" to the relationship. V&J are the kind of people we would be friends with and want to spend time with regardless. Getting to help them build their family is going to be icing on the cake.

There will be ups and downs along the way, but I have no doubt in my mind that with each challenge we will roll up our sleeves and tackle them head on and overcome each and every one. We will support each other through the disappointments, and celebrate with tears and hugs over the accomplishments.

This is only the beginning of not only a wonderful friendship, but a new and blended family unit.

I've been listening for that still small voice, with open ears and an open heart, not wanting to rush into anything foolishly, wanting to be sure that it was right for everyone. I am ready and excited to see what 2009 brings our families, and am so happy to have such an amazing couple to take another beautiful surrogacy journey with.

I can't wait to update on Monday after our Doctor consult, I know contracts will be next!!


  1. Rebekah, I am so excited to follow you along on your TS journey! You have such a huge heart and your IPs are so lucky to have you on their side!

  2. I think we can pull out the champagne now, there are many bottles of that coming in the future!! I am very excited for 2009 and feel truely blessed to have met you. You are an amazing woman!! Hugs.


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