I thought weekends were for relaxing!

We have been working on the house pretty much all day today - it needs it, and it's a good thing to finally do so many of the little things we've been needing to do, but I'm tired! So much for weekends being for relaxing!

Window cleaning, deep cleaning the living room carpet, Kenneth's working on getting my new picture up on the wall in the bedroom, purging some of Kent's arts and craft goodies, lots of vaccuuming, dusting and straightening up...!!

Today is going quickly, to say the least. Hopefully another hour of working and I can relax. At least we have tomorrow off, so maybe I'll get to enjoy our hardwork a little before the boys, dogs, and dust mess it all back up!! :)

Kenneth wants to finish the game of Risk we started this morning and I still have no idea what we're eating for dinner... guess I should go raid the freezer for inspiration, and maybe pull a roast out for tomorrow night so I don't have this problem again. :)

And a quick update on our foster dog, Pebbles, she's actually doing a little better lately. She's not pacing quite as much when she's in the house (and knock on woode no accidents in the house in several days), and she'll come up for pets and hang out for awhile (as long as no one stands up). Her belly is hanging lower and lower, she is definitely prego. We've been trying to convince her to eat more. She's still underweight and I know those babies are taking the calories and nutrients that her body needs as well.

Time to go inspect Kenneth's handywork and see the picture he hung! Yeah! :)


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