It's finally FRIDAY!

I am so happy it's FRIDAY!! Why? Because that means tomorrow is SATURDAY!! :D I am not nearly as nervous as I was before, thinking about meeting up since V and I met on Wednesday. It just feels like this is the next natural step to take, getting our families together so we can truly call it a match.

I talked to Kenneth a lot about it last night, and he knows I'm ready to finalize everything and move forward with the next steps and is supportive and happy that I am so happy. V and I feel confident things are going to go great on Saturday, and have already made an appointment at the OB's office who will do the IUI for us, for Monday at 2:00. We both have that day off with it being MLK Day. Kenneth is off from school that day as well, so he can keep Kent while we make the drive to Atlanta.

I'm excited that we're going, and we've been talking about all the questions to ask, and I need to write them all down so we don't forget (but I bet V already has a list going). We want to make sure we have the language for the contract down, so that the 6-month quarantine will be waived, and verify what they need from all of us in the way of testing and paperwork (cycling history, etc.)

I would really prefer to do a completely non-medicated cycle, at least 3. I have taken so many fertility drugs over the past couple years, and now that it seems my cycles have finally (knock on wood) straightened out again, I worry adding anything into my system might knock it back out of whack! So, I am going to advocate for very limited intervention for at least the first 3 cycles. If that doesn't do the trick and we're not pregnant after that amount of time, then I think it could be worth pursuing cycling with medications.

We've been talking through all the details for the contracts, so that will also most likely go very smoothly when it's time to move forward with that. We've been hamering out the wording we want to use.

On a "what's going on with me besides surrogacy" front, I am now into my 2nd week of "dieting" again. I hate calling it that, because it's not a short term thing, I'm making a conscious effort to change how I eat, and to utilize the tools given to me by having gastric bypass done all those years ago. I'm doing ok so far, I think I'm down about 7lbs since I started which I'm happy with. I really want to loose at least another 8 before I get pregnant again (I'll be back down to my pre-cycling weight before I started GS)! I'm already down below my pre-pregnancy weight with Fiona's pregnancy (but I'd gained 10lbs over all those months of cycling before transfer).

Yesterday afternoon and evening was a bust, but it's really the first "bad" eating day I've had since I started, so I'm not going to beat myself up. Just get back up and try again today. I've been doing GREAT with breakfast finally. I've been scrambling 2 eggs with a little bit of seasoning and throwing a slice of cheese on top, putting it in a tupperware and bringing in to work. It takes me about 5-6 minutes from start to finish, and tastes good, fills me up, and is so much better for me (and cheaper!) then anything I could buy and bring. I'm trying to stay high protein, low carb as much as possible, and cutting out snacking and desserts for the most part.

Water has been hard for me too! I can't drink 30 minutes before I eat, or 30 minutes after eating (so the food will stay in the pouch longer and I'll feel full longer). So I have to get on a "schedule" to make sure I push all the fluids I need to be drinking! I've had 2 out of my 8 glasses of water so far this morning, now I get to eat breakfast and in about 40 minutes it'll be time to down another 2 glasses!!

Ok, this is getting really long, I am feeling overly chatty today I guess! :) I'm just excited that it's Friday and can't wait for tomorrow!!


  1. I hope that all have a wonderful gtg tomorrow!

  2. Good luck with your match and with the "dieting". I had no idea dieting could be so difficult after a gastric bypass. Sounds like you are doing great though!


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