Transfer Day!

I am half awake, still drowsy from the valium. At 8:20am I went downstairs and met my IPs in the lobby; we chatted for 15-20 minutes before heading over to the IVF Clinic. I began working on my 36 ounce water bottle!

We checked in and sat in the waiting room from 9:00am to 10:00am; by 9:30am my bladder was full. I drank about 34-35 ounces. They ushered us back, had me change into a lovely paper gown after giving me the valium and having us sign several papers for consent and med instructions.

Then they hurried us along to the “blue” room (blue paint, and a blue clock, and besides the equipment that was it!) I was situated on the table and tilted back. They put the ultrasound goo on my stomach and left me hanging out there for about 10 minutes while they finalized the embryo prep. T&I were at my head, my IM holding one of each of our hands, and IF holding the picture of their three beautiful embryos. We transferred 3 8-celled 3-day old embryos.

The RE put in the catheter, had the ultrasound tech move the view around until she found just the right spot. I heard “perfect” and “very good”! Then they checked the catheter, verified it was empty, and we waited together for about 30 minutes before we were sent on our way! T&I were so careful with me on the ride back to the hotel!

It’s hard to believe I really am carrying precious cargo now! As of this evening, my stomach feels bloated and a little crampy – I hope everything settles down in there so those little babes can snuggle in. Just 3-4 days until that happens – wow!

My agency coordinator called – the embryos were all 8-celled, 2B. Scale 1=excellent, 2=good/average in terms of how round the cells are. Scale A=0-25%, B=25-50% fragmentation. 82B is really good, very strong little embies! (The full scale includes 1-5 and A-D).

T&I brought pasta, pizza, soup, and roast beef with mashed potatoes and green beans by and visited for about an hour and a half. I wore my “The doctor knocked me up” shirt which they thought was funny.


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