Beta Tomorrow....

I did not sleep well at ALL last night - I kept tossing and turning thinking about my beta tomorrow and wondering what the number will be... at least my agency director put on the orders that they can release the results directly to me, so I should know by 2 pm or so, instead of the 4:30-5:00 pm timeframe when Cooper usually gives call backs.

I sent my IPs an e-mail with copies if the positive HPTs. IF said how thrilled they were to have the photos of the tests (in his words such a literally "positive" sign!), and they printed them out and showed IMs father (who lives with them) and he was so excited too... Too cute!

I'm starving and nauseated, and nothing here really sounds good, so I have to go riffle through the break room and uncover something to eat. I need to figure out what tastes good and bring some different things with me to work.


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