Red & Itchy. And a Prayer.

So, yesterday I started thinking there really must be something wrong with the vivelle dot patches I've been using. My stomach has been itching like CRAZY ever since the last time I changed them out on Sunday. I really took a close look and noticed under the patches my skin is red and puffy, and a red welt was moving across my lower abdomen... I felt like I'd rolled in poison ivy or something! I called and left a message at Cooper and Becky called me back to say YES it was an allergic reaction and I should discontinue the patches and just maintain the delestrogen injections. So, 1 done!! My estradiol levels have been pretty high, so I don't think they're worried about that being affected adversely.

On an unrelated and very sad note, a friend of mine through SMO and also a fellow "A Woman's Gift" surrogate lost the surro-babe she was carrying yesterday at 14 weeks... I am so stunned and just devastated for her and her wonderful IPs. I cannot understand things like this, and I never will. I think you have some sense of relief and trust that all is fine once you see a heartbeat, and especially when you enter the 2nd tri... to be reminded so painfully how fragile life is and that there are no guarantees just hurt a little... a lot.

Christine, I'm thinking of you and praying for you, your IPs, and your family that you will find comfort and hope at the end of the day and that you will find peace knowing Baby G is in heaven, happy and healthy... I'm thinking of you.


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