Beta Day!! I Survived the WAIT!!

The morning just dragged, and dragged, and dragged! My blood draw was at 8:00am, and I was told I could call the clinic at 2pm for results... thankfully there was a long lunch out to help keep my mind distracted, and right before 2 I got the call!!

Estradiol is 1.054
Progesterone 31.09
and the all important hcG Beta: 198.1!!!!

In comparison to some other SMO users who had blood draws on the same day post transfer, this is how my number falls:

12dp3dt (MINE: 198.1)
Singleton: 40, 51, 63, 83, 87, 87, 112, 118.6, 141, 175, 234, 248, 256, 549
Twins: 69, 75, 101, 171, 182, 213, 249, 268, 299, 366, 377, 382, 397, 408, 583, 629, 655

I think it looks like a nice strong singleton number, but we could be surprised with 2! We'll see how Friday's beta looks, how much its increased.

For now I'm feeling excited and relieved. It was wonderful to call my IM and share the good news. Hopefully we'll get in around week 7-8 for an ultrasound to get a peek at what's going on!! :) (That's 3-4 weeks from now, as I am officially 4w0d today!!) I could throw a PARTY!!


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