It's SOOO Positive!!!

I am SO excited to say, that my HPTs are coming up positive, and getting darker. I'm still nervous and anxiously awaiting Wednesday's beta results. But the HPTs are looking really good!!

Here's two, the top from 7dp3dt, the bottom 24 hours later - both "Answer" brand Pregnancy Tests.

This one is from today, on Equate, at 10dp3dt. It's a nice dark positive which I was really happy about - it made me feel much more positive!

I gave myself a break yesterday and didn't test at all. I just enjoyed being pregnant and did my best to trust that everything will work out just fine!

This mornings test was my last regular HPT, I have 2 Clear Blue Easy Digitals left - I've been so nervous to use them, I want to make SURE the word "PREGNANT" will pop up. I am pretty confident now that it will!! :)

I talked to my IM on Saturday and told her the news - she was so excited to get off the phone and tell IF; she kept saying "I KNEW you were pregnant, I knew you were!" I sent them photos this morning of the HPTs so they can see how dark the one from today is.

Beta day is Wednesday! It can't get here soon enough. I'm really, really praying for a nice strong number. Anything over 100 would be good!!

I'm definitely feeling preggo. Morning sickness that lasts into the afternoon, just a general queasiness, especially if I don't eat. And carbs are the only thing that are really going down well, pasta, mashed potatoes, bread, and crackers are all good buddies of mine right now. I sip juice and water all day, and that seems to help.

I will update again soon, hopefully with a great beta number! :)


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