Monday through Wednesday update

So, on Monday T&I had asked me to stay home for that day, on 1 extra day of bedrest, which I was completely happy to do as I've been feeling lousy, and my plane got in late, so I wasn't home until midnight on Sunday! I called and left a message at Cooper Monday morning, the return call I got started out pleasant enough but turned pretty nasty and rude when I explained that I would be going on Tuesday instead of Monday for my labwork, and that my IPs had requested that I not have the ultrasound which Cooper likes to have done 3 days past transfer (to verify the progesterone is doing its job and the lining pattern has converted). I wanted to check and see if they wanted me to increase my progesterone intake just in case, since results would be delayed by a day. The nurse on the line got really snippy with me and pretty much told me if I had any other questions to call Fran (my agency coordinator) and sort of hung up on me. I was pretty stunned. I called Fran and passed along what had happened. By Tuesday night T&I were on the phone with me pretty upset about what had happened and had me relay the story to them. I felt bad then for not calling them directly, I guess I kept wondering if maybe that was just normal or if I was being hormonal and had over-reacted. My IM got really fired up. They don't want ANYONE causing me unneccessary stress, especially right now! They actually sent a note to the director. I felt good that they stood up for me and tried to protect me. It was really sweet!

They are out of town in Wash DC the 8th through 10th, I'm hoping and praying to have a BFP to tell them about when they get home.

I've felt nauseated, crampy, and exhausted for several days now, on Tuesday I had low distinctive twinges on the left, and today very similar twinges on the right hand side. I am hoping and praying maybe two little embies were snuggling in for th long haul!

I had labs done at GRS on Tuesday, when I got my callback Tuesday PM my estradiol was 982, but they only could say my progesterone was greater than 20. GRS doesn't report the number if its over 20. Cooper likes it between 30 and 40, and I remembered from my mock cycle it was in the very low 20's (back when we were at RBA). I suggested I get the progesterone re-done at RBA, since we know they report the actual number and my IPs agreed. I had that done this AM, and this afternoon it came back at 78!! A great number, definitely nothing to worry about. So I'm to continue on my meds as they are currently prescribed.

I called T&I to let them know, they were at a museum, but they were both relieved to hear the number was strong, and nothing to worry about!


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