1st OB Appt Today - November 27

Well first let me do the quick catch up! We left last Wednesday for Tennessee to have Thanksgiving with Kenneth's family - it was really nice and their home is just beautiful (it was the first time we'd been there). But, I was SO exhausted the entire time!! I napped a ton.

We came back on Thanksgiving evening, and I rested up to head out EARLY Friday morning for the shopping mania! I had a blast, and was completely worn out by about 8:30 am. I napped quite a bit that day too! We had dinner here with Kenneth's other grandmother that night - more Turkey!! :)

Saturday was a blast - a few local surrogates and IMs met at "On The Border" for lunch. It was great to chat and hear where everyone's at. Everyone is at such different places in their journeys. It constantly amazes and fascinates me to hear how surrogacy has touched so many lives in so many ways.

Sunday we shopped some as a family and mostly took it easy - more napping was involved! :)

Today, Monday, was my first OB appt. They squeezed me in, and I had to wait FOREVER to actually see the Doctor! Apparently my iron is a little low, at a 9. I'm to increase my intake of iron rich foods. I had thought it weird that I've been craving red meat so much. I'm not usually a big fan of it. Dr. Green said everything feels right, and did a PAP "while he was down there" since I'm due in January anyway. We got our ultrasound scheduled for the 6th, and I have another lab appt scheduled on the 5th, and then I go back on the evening of the 7th for an "OB Class". Then I have my "1st OB" appt scheduled on the 18th - that one is all the labs and talking and probing! :) I'm not sure how many more lab appts Cooper will want on top of those. Hopefully not too many more! I should have about 5-7 more weeks on injectables.

I should get my blood results from today back in about 3 days, I am interested to hear what the doubling rate is at now. I still think there's just 1 babe, but there could be two!! It's fun to play the guessing game until we have our definitive answer on the 6th! :)


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