Day After Transfer

Still feeling a low achy sensation and it could be too much juice or the progesterone kicking in. But, when I got up at 8:00am for my shower, I was SO tired and nauseated too. I didn’t even get dressed after, I just crawled back into bed. I talked to my husband a little, and then I either fell asleep or was dozing when my IM called at about 9:30am. I can’t stop yawning! I am really sleepy! My IPs leave for a trip on Wednesday the 8th and will be gone for 3 days. There is a mass being held on the 12th for them and their children, so I think they want to be home that day and are hoping for some positive news by then. I keep talking to the embies every time I get up or anything and focus positive images of them snuggling in. I pray this is it! I will start testing Tuesday or Wednesday (4-5 dpt).


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