6dp3dt Today!

I am so impatient! This is day 3 of testing for me. Most people who had 3-day transfers and are carrying twins will get positives TODAY... I have it set on my Outlook calendar to go test at 1pm with the Equate I brought with me! I'll test again tonight if its negative (even if its positive!) Most with singletons will get positives between 7-10 days past transfer (Friday throgh Sunday). I had a very faint positive on an internet strip from earlypregnancytest.com last night; though it dried clear. Kenneth saw it too though, so I know I'm not totally crazy! I keep wondering if it was a fluke, or maybe it was just extra sensitive, and today I'll get my positive! I'm still feeling pukey and having uterine twinges... It was sharp on the left side on Tuesday, sharp on the right on Wednesday, and today I just feel occassional tugging feelings left and right... I'm still really hopeful!! :)

I hope this weekend brings an abundance of BFPs! I cannot wait to call my IPs with the good news... I'm so excited for them, and just so hopeful that everything is going to work out well!


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