Beta #3 - Up Up And Away!

hcG - 1264 (doubling time increased to 1.8 days)

Progesterone - 110.99
Estradiol - 5,734 (YIKES)

They decreased my patches from 5 to 2, I will have my first OB appt and labs done again on the 27th, we'll see if my estrogen is down to a more manageable number! The pregnancy nurse (Becky) at Cooper was very happy with my numbers and was fine with the results taking a few days now that the appts will be at my regular OB's office.

I can't wait to get our first u/s scheduled! T&I want me to aim for 7 weeks, so somewhere around Dec. 5-8. I will feel SO much better once we see a heartbeat (or 2)!!

That's it for now!


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