We got the fertilization report!

RBA ICSI'ed all 5 of the mature eggs and as of this morning all 5 of them fertilized and are growing!! YAY!! They won't check on them tomorrow, but we'll get our phonecall tomorrow with our transfer time (probably sometime in the morning).

The nurse checked in with me on the meds and reminded me about the uber full bladder I have to have when we get to our appointment on Saturday AM. Oh JOY! :D That's the most uncomfortable part!

I've now done 2 PIO shots and last night went pretty well too - though I tried using one of my smaller needles (I only had one left) and MAN it was hard pushing the oil through that thing - I had to push HARD on the plunger!! I was a little tender at the injection site this morning, I probably moved the needle around more than I would of if I'd just used the bigger needle! Oh well, live and learn! :) I was also reminded yesterday just how nasty Medrol pills are! So I remembered to take that one differently this morning so I didn't have that HORRIBLE aftertaste in my mouth!

Things are looking good so far! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the embryos divide nicely for the next 2 days in their dish and can't wait to hear how they look on Saturday!


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