Snuggle in Little Peanut Butter Jelly Rice Beans!

The topic of bed rest had been on my mind a little prior to our transfer on Saturday. Cooper Clinic (where we transferred and got pregnant with Fiona) required 48 hours, GRS where we transfered the last of the frozen embryos from the batch Fiona came from had no formal post transfer instructions, and RBA where we just transfered have instructions but they are pretty relaxed - no formal bedrest, just lifting/bathing/sex restrictions. With both my 2nd transfer and this 3rd one I have done "self-imposed" bed rest for the most part, not as strict as with Fiona's (although with hers I was able to be in a hotel room by myself for 2 days after transfer so it was really easy to stay in bed and do nothing but rest), with the last 2 I've been home after but they've both fallen on weekends so I've been able to stay on the couch or in the bed for most of the day and have been taking it really easy. People have varying opinions (and obviously clinics do too!) on whether or not bedrest does or does not aid in implantation, but I figure especially if the IPs prefer it I have no problem hanging out for a day or two and keeping my feet up and staying relaxed!

In any event, I'd come across this post on SMO:
No bedrest and good sucess rate, my clinic said it is like putting a grain of rice inside a jelly sandwich, it isn't going anywhere.

and that was the first time I'd heard that, but I thought it was a great analogy and probably pretty reassuring to the IPs as well! Then when I was getting up off the table after our transfer and my IM was asking if they were sure it was ok the nurse was reassuring her and saying my uterus was like a peanut butter sandwich, the embies weren't going anywhere! So between the two sandwich references I have been thinking of the 2 rice babies in the peanut butter & jelly sandwich and then I call them the baby beans so they've become the PB&J Rice Beans or Jelly Beans sometimes too. :D It's good to have nicknames when you're sending lots of positive thoughts their way telling them to stick around and enjoy the next 8 months in their cozy little PB&J sandwich environment! :)

I finally pulled out my box of HPTs to take a look and see what I had. I have 5 OSOM cards left, 2 Answers and I think about 6 digi's. I really want to hold out until 5dp3dt on Thursday before I start testing but most likely I will do at least one in the evening of 4dp3dt (the last couple times I've started at like 3dp3dt - WAY too stinkin' early)! I only have to make it through to Wednesday! Of course seeing those negatives STINKS and you can usually count on them being negative when you start that early (though there are some out there especially those with multiples who do get SUPER early positives at about 5dp3dt so it's not impossible).

I've had a bunch of cramping most of today - but I had it a lot yesterday too, I assume probably from the aggravation to the lining from the catheter being inserted. No specific pinchy feelings, just a heavy sensation low on the right and a few every now and then on the left, but nothing major. Overall I'm in a good mood today and feeling pretty good! I was having a lot of soreness at the injection site of my shot from Friday night and was really worrying that I was already having reactions to the PIO, but I spent a LOT of time on my heating pad all of Saturday afternoon once I was home and had my feet up and it actually feels better today then it did yesterday and I am not feeling any new soreness so fingers crossed I will be ok at least awhile longer on the PIO!

I can't believe I have to go back to work tomorrow! :D I've been working off and on using the computer while I've been laid up most of the weekend for proposals I'm working on. Kenneth and I have a counseling session in the AM and then I know tomorrow is going to be a BUSY day so I hope it will go quickly!

Tomorrow is 2dp3dt and one day closer to finding out we're definitely prego!! :D YAY!


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