Lining Check Done - Waiting for Call Back!

My lining check was this morning, for me it went pretty well. I am at a 6mm so far and Dr. Kort needs it to be a 7mm. I'll probably have to change my med protocol a little bit and get re-checked Monday when we're back from the trip I'm going on this weekend. Fingers crossed it thickens just a little more and looks ok!

"L" has her next follicle check this morning too and I am so hopeful for her that things look ok! I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the follicles are developing well.

I had a pancake craving this morning, and went down to the cafeteria and got some. I am about halfway through and need a NAP! Sugar in the morning doesn't do good things for me, you'd think I'd have learned that by now! :)

Kenneth and I have another counseling appointment this afternoon and then I have to pack this evening! I am so excited for this getaway, and getting to try some new things and have some fun with friends. :)


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