Transfer was today!! Yay!!

We got the call at about 8:45 this morning that YES we WERE transferring today! I was chewing my nails off waiting for the call! We were already on our way in - since I live a good hour out of Atlanta I wanted to be on our way when we got the thumbs up!

We got there and I'd started drinking my water way too soon - I was already doing the dance and in pain and we were told they were running about 15 minutes behind so we had a half hour - I wasn't going to make it, so I had to start over and try again with the big bottle of water!! My IPs were there when I came back to the waiting area and L and I sat and chatted. (My IF was taking their daughter to a birthday party so he didn't stay for the actual transfer). It was all good though, about 20 minutes later they called our names and back they took us! I told the nurse I was a little worried my bladder might not be full enough so she did a quick check after I undressed but everything looked good and she said my lining looked "text book". WOW!! That's like the best compliment EVER!! I don't think I've ever heard that before!!

The embryologist came in and gave us the update - they were VERY happy with the 2 beautiful 8-celled embryos (grade A and AB) we were going to transfer and he said the other 3 were growing a bit slower and they were growing them out to the blastocyst stage and if they make it they'll freeze them.

We got in position when the RE came in and he put his excavating light on (ha ha) and got me ready, the nurse put the ultrasound in place to give the RE a good view of my uterus and he threaded the catheter and then the embryologist brought in the embryos and we watched on the screen (while I tried not to concentrate on all that pressure on my bladder which I was almost sure might pop if she didn't stop pushing so hard) and then two beautiful little blobs made their way out of the catheter and into my waiting uterus... SO cool! I love that part of transfer!! It was just amazing! L was right there by my shoulder, I loved seeing that look of amazement on her face too. The embryologist went out and confirmed the tube was clear and they were very happy with how the transfer had gone! There were several comments on the embryos looking fantastic, my lining looking great and things going very well - so we are all channeling that positive energy from the day and taking it with us!

They had me wait just 5 minutes once the tube was confirmed clear (she set a timer and I was waiting to get up and run to the bathroom - L said "you mean walk gingerly!!" :D )and then they let me up to use the restroom and get dressed and L drove me home.

I wore my "the doctor knocked me up" shirt under my sweatshirt which I think the nurse and doctor got a kick out of and I had my green cloverleaf "lucky" socks on for a little extra good luck for today! I forgot to get my McDonald's french fries for luck - although they didn't help me out last time so maybe it's ok! :D

L brought me a bag of YUMMY goodies from Whole Foods - a quiche, lasagna, scones, soup, fruit, veggies, yogurt... mmmm!! I am all set to put my feet up and relax and think pregnant thoughts for the weekend. (And I couldn't help but think it was a good luck sign too - my FIPs had loaded me up with goodies from Whole Foods for my weekend of rest after Fiona's transfer too!)

I'm ready for some mindless TV and a nap on the couch!!

Everything has gone so incredibly well with this cycle, we are all feeling very positive about it and can't WAIT for the BFP!

My beta is scheduled for March 11th. :)


  1. I am sooooo excited for you! YAY! And Quiche sounds so freaking good...mmm

  2. I'm so excited for you!!! I just had my first transfer this Monday and my beta is scheduled for the 5th!!! It's been great following you!

  3. YAY! I can't wait to see March 11th's post!

  4. Did you have to have a full bladder just for the ultrasound? I had to go through that when I was pregnant with my son and it was excruciating!! Then I had an ultrasound done at the hospital and the tech said "Oh, that's old school, it's not really necessary." Great.

    Anyway, hope everything continues to go well!

  5. The full bladder is specifically for transfer because it pushes the uterus into a "better viewing position" for the catheter to be inserted and the embryos to be deposited in the right spot - the RE can see better when the bladder pushes it into the right spot! :D During pregnancy I think they were just trying to torture you...! :p


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