My poor sick boy!

Yesterday should have been a great day! I woke up with the song "I feel lucky" in my head, had an 83% luck rating on My Daily Luck on Facebook and wore my lucky green socks. Things should have gone my way yesterday! When we got up Kent was still crashed on the couch after another rough night with pain from his ear infection (I stayed home with him Monday and took him to his primary care doctor in the morning. She said he had an ear infection and started him on antibiotic ear drops and amoxycilin. His pain level has been pretty high and hard to get under control, the IB Profen and Tylenol just didn't seem to be touching it most of the time). So he was still feeling really lousy Tuesday AM - I'd hoped to see some improvement after a day on antibiotics but no such luck. His ear was still oozing lots of yellow sticky fluid too and he says it keeps "popping" inside and that's when it hurts really, really bad.

He spent pretty much all day napping and resting on the couch with very low energy levels and sort of feeling out of it. I went to dinner that evening with John & Vicki and we had a nice time at Jim N Nicks and when I got home I was really concerned. He looked worse then he had in the morning, his full face and ears were flushed red, his temp was back up to 100.8 and he was complaining about aches all over his body and feeling really weak. He was really hurting. I called and talked to a nurse and decided to take him to the E.R., we got there around 8:30 and didn't get home until around 1:00am. It was a LONG night. They said the ear drum had ruptured and gave him a different antibiotic prescription, some stronger pain meds and more of the same ear drops. We went home and crashed and this morning he actually looks a little better and sounds a little better, but he's still really out of it and hurting. His ear is still oozing and he's still dealing with congestion and cough too which hurts his ear a lot as well. I gave him a round of meds and one of the stronger pain pills and after about 20 minutes I could tell that had made him much more comfortable! I am glad something finally is helping, and hope that means the infection is starting to heal as well... Poor baby!


  1. I hope he feels better soon; we've dealt with our share of ear infections in this home for sure. It's actually really hard for docs to know if antibiotics are needed (not all ear infections can be cured that way). If he's still not feeling better he may just have to tough it out, poor guy.

  2. I hate it when mine are sick. I hope he is feeling some better now.

  3. Thanks ladies! He seems to be on the mend, just so wiped out from it all.


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