De-energized Bunny!

Ok, not feeling like the energizer bunny any more!! Came home last night and really didn't get much done at all... the headache I'd had in the morning came back full force and I felt zapped. I woke up with it again. It HURTS really bad and I hardly ever get headaches especially ones like this that are sort of there in the background even after I take tylenol. I took a long hot shower, and have been drinking tea all day too hoping maybe heat would at least help me feel better... it stinks!

Kent and I spent about 2 hours this morning moving EVERYTHING around in the house, all the furniture is currently in the bathroom, kitchen and dining room and our beds are piled with stuff, but the carpets are cleaned!! They needed it so bad. They are light and the dogs track so much clay into the house. It's just sad. The carpets will never be perfect, but it is a refreshing improvement.

I've been playing around on Facebook and working on my recipe books a little and just taking it easy. We've got about 1 more hour until I can check to see if they're dry enough to start moving stuff back where it all goes. Kent and I are going to "spring clean" his room when we put stuff back in there. It needs a purge and good straightening bad! I am so glad we got the bedrooms done, he sleeps with two of the dogs in his room and boy his carpet needed it!

Last I heard Kenneth was still in Germany, so on their way, but waiting for a flight they could catch back to the states. I don't know anything about when they will catch a flight or where they'll land. I am sort of guessing I'll hear something by this evening. We video chatted some last night and he got to watch Kent playing with his Star Wars Legos (one of his most favorite things ever)!

Now I'm just waiting to get my house back! I can't wait to put everything back into its place and enjoy my clean carpets, while they last!! :)


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