Pinch me??!

It looks like we might really, truly get to transfer this weekend! Someone pinch me!! I am in shock and super excited!

My lining check went... GOOD today!! Went from a 6mm last Thursday to an 8mm today and Dr. Kort said it looked great! I ran into my IM there at the clinic, she was there for her ultrasound too. I just got the call a little while ago that they are going to trigger her tonight!! Progesterone starts tomorrow evening (oh my GOSH!!!!) with a half dose, and then full dose Wednesday along with starting medrol and doxy (again) and L's retrieval is that day as well in the AM. I am giddy! :)

I will get a call on Thursday with the fertilization report and we're all hoping for a Saturday transfer!! WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! (They aren't anticipating a large number of eggs/embryos, so most likely it will be a 3-day and not a 5-day).

It doesn't quite feel real! So much has happened since I first met L&N and it is just surreal and very exciting to be at this point and to feel that things are coming together for us all... I am very hopeful!


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