I've been Progesterone-ized!

Yes! It is truly feeling OFFICIAL now!! My first PIO shot was completed last night and "L's" egg retrieval is some time this morning!! YAY!! I am sending lots of positive healthy eggie thoughts her way and cannot wait for the update. I'm crossing my fingers for 5 or 6 good eggs! Then we all just keep those positive thoughts going for a few nice embryos (I can't wait for the update tomorrow)! I am really hoping for about 3 or 4 embryos so we can pick the 2 best ones and then it will be nothing but sticky thoughts for me this weekend!

Since I have to do the PIO shots in the evening with this protocol its changed how I normally used to have my routine. Now as soon as I get home I put the EMLA cream in place and wait at least a couple hours before prepping for the injection. I plug in the heating pad as soon as I'm ready to start pulling everything out and let that warm up. Then I pull all the supplies out, the syringe, extra needle, bottle of PIO, alcohol pads and gauze pad. I prep the bottle and draw up the oil, switch out the needles and put that in the heating pad (folding it over on top of the syringe so its covered by the heating pad). I let that sit a few minutes and then I prep the injection site and try to move quickly once I pull the syringe out from the heat so it doesn't have time to cool much. I had no problems with this injection, went in smoothly and very little bleeding after I rubbed a lot and left the heating pad on afterwards to. Last time I didn't really spend much time with heating the oil and I would rub the injection site in the shower some in the mornings, but that was about it - I ended up with huge painful lumps where I could barely sit or stand without wanting to cry. I lived on my heating pad at work for months just to get through the day. I am hoping that if I'm proactive this time around maybe I can avoid some of that discomfort!!

My uterus is starting to feel heavy and I've had a few cramps too and now that I've started progesterone hopefully that lining is turning into a nice fluffy bed for those little embryos to settle down into and grow for the next 8-9 months! I just can't get past the feeling of this being so surreal, that things are really coming together for us this time around! I'm excited and hopeful and just can't wait to get to transfer day and hear how the embryos look and then really be in the 2 week wait again! Eek! :)

I will hopefully have an update by this afternoon on how the retrieval went! :)


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