My little Happy Pills!

Or something like that! It is crazy how you don't notice how different you've been acting or feeling until something changes - like adding in estrogen this morning! Yay! I am all smiley and have been since mid-morning and the only thing I can think is that it must be the estrogen kicking in! It's so weird! It's nice to feel happy though, so I'm not knocking it! Not that I've been feeling terribly unhappy, or I guess I didn't really notice feeling that way until now that I feel better.

It's been a good, productive day at work with lots of little things crossed off my list and I'm looking forward to a great weekend with my kiddo and friends. Going to get lots of stuff done at home tonight, getting ready for carpet cleaning tomorrow! Woo hoo!! I love a Chem-Dry clean carpet!! We have a steam cleaner but with 5 dogs and a rambunctious child plus red Georgia clay my poor light colored carpets just need more TLC then a store bought carpet cleaner can handle! I will enjoy them being pretty and clean for at least a day before they start looking sad again. :D

I have lots of household projects in mind for most of Saturday and then I get to see my 2-yr old class at the 9:00 service on Sunday and hopefully get to go to the service at 11:00, but if we're all going to Steele I'll probably have to miss it and just listen to the recorded version later. I'm hoping we get to go to the track! I haven't gotten to go yet, fingers crossed that the weather holds out for us!

I have also found out Kenneth is probably coming home in the near future. It's a long story that I'm not ready to get into too much, but he and I have a lot to work on and that is really the reason he's coming back. He didn't feel able to do his job effectively there when he has been worried about our relationship and everything at home. So, soon he'll be back and we can figure out what progress we can make and where to go from here. I just have to wait for the phonecall that he's back in the states, of course there is no schedule so no planning!

Kent is healing up from his ear drum rupture and doing pretty good as of this morning. He's just so tired! His body is really wiped from being sick and trying to recoup. I'm sure he'll mainly be resting this weekend and maybe, just maybe be back to normal by next week! Fingers crossed!!


  1. You sound like the energizer bunny just after it has been wound up. Can you read my blog and give me your thoughts on my last post. Maybe I need your happy pill. The twins were just born 3 ish months ago... maybe I am coming down off the 'high'?
    oh, good luck with the hubby!

  2. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  3. Rebekah what an amazin blog I had no clue you did surrogacy things like this really touch my heart just "Wow" good luck to you on this go around I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers that all will work out, I'm very excited to follow your journey. I would also like to say good luck on the hubby issue remember with God all things are possible, I hope that you guys will be able to work things out no marriage is perfect and they all have many bumps I know I have hit many bumps along the 14 our 14 yr relationship we just have to step back and work through it,I have faith that all will work out for you just keep praying about and follow your ♥. Renee

  4. Sorry I had a computer pause I meant to say in the end, we have had many bumps in our 10yr marriage 14yr relationship but we seem to overcome them all by working together good luck to you, :) see you Sunday


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