Yay for Friday!

Kent has jiu jitsu at 9:30 tomorrow and then we have a bridal shower in the afternoon, and I am SO glad its the weekend! I keep thinking about having a picnic day, and then we don't. Since Saturday is booked and we have church Sunday, maybe we can just eat outside for one meal if the weather cooperates, I'll have to think of a fun "picnic lunch" we could take out to the grass. Maybe egg salad sandwiches, fruit salad and some brownies...

I had 2 doctor appointments yesterday so I took the day off, and what did I do in between appointments? Laundry, and caught up on household chores. I have to take time off to catch up around the house... sad! :) Oh well, at least there wasn't too much to do! Still need to get the backyard mowed again but its been so wet lately its been impossible. I hope we get a couple dry days so we can cut it down before it gets high again. Not that we don't need the rain too...

It is starting to get so chilly! I am freezing today, and wearing a sweater and jeans... definitely time for the wardrobe change over!


  1. I will second that- hooray for Friday! Sounds like you'll be busy, have fun!


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