PMS Kicking In?

I think I have a bit of sinus stuff going on which doesn't help (I woke up with a massive sinus headache) but I think PMS is kicking in full gear all of a sudden too - I am just grumpy today and want to be left alone. Everything is "not right", little things are bugging me and I'm having to make an effort to not say something nasty today that I don't really mean! Ugh! I would love to just head home, make some tea and curl up under my quilt. I think that sounds like a VERY good plan for my afternoon/evening. Maybe a bubble bath too... I shouldn't really need any down time, it's not like all of a sudden things have been hectic, but today I definitely feel like I do!

Kent's first jiu jitsu class was last night, and I think overall it went pretty well! He's got a lot to learn, and is definitely up there (age wise) compared to the other kids, but he seems interested. It is taking him out of his comfort zone, for sure, but with some positive reinforcement and lots of encouragement I think he'll invest the time and energy and find out he can do it, and hopefully he'll find he enjoys it as well! We'll see! :)

I am glad tomorrow is Friday. We don't have any solid plans for the weekend - I do know I am bound and determined to get the yard finished up and will have Kent help me with that. We never did any camping stuff over the long weekend, and I'd still like to do something so I'll check the weather and see if Kent wants to put the tent up in the yard, or maybe have a living room sleep out (maybe I can finally use the new Queen inflatable bed I bought)! :) I am definitely in the mood for some toasted marshmallows and a nice fire... that will be a very nice way to spend an evening (as long as the bugs aren't biting too bad).


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