Holy September!

This year is really starting to snowball! Yikes!

It's labor day weekend and Kent and I talked about camping, but the weather has been unpredictable and I'd have to take at least 4 dogs with me and am hesitant to tackle that task along with being the only grown up; pitching a tent, doing all the cooking and general "adult" duties at a campsite and keeping up with the dogs seems a little daunting to me, especially when you factor in possible rain... so I think we're going to try to pitch a tent at home and camp out as long as the weather is nice enough to sleep outside! We have a little campfire and can do marshmallows, and still enjoy indoor plumbing and TV when we want to! :) Maybe we can go for a picnic one day, that would be nice!

I got permission to bring Kent to the humane society to volunteer, so we're definitely going to head over there on Saturday and spend some time with the animals and help out however we can. I'm really looking forward to it and think it will be great for Kent too!

I am on my last week of active BCPs and as soon as my period arrives (in about 1.5 weeks) we'll start the count down again for cycle day 21 and starting meds! YAY!!

Kenneth has been gone for what seems like longer than it has been, but he's called a few times which has been good... I miss him. :)


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