Getting Excited Again...

I have put surrogacy in the back corner of my brain for the past three plus weeks since learning I was to go on BCPs, but now that I'm down to my last 3 or 4 pills the excitement is starting to bubble back to the surface! I am very much looking forward to our cycle actually starting, 1 more month and I'll be on meds, yay! :)

I haven't talked to my IPs in awhile, its probably time to send a quick note to check in. I know they are very ready to be moving forward as well. I know they've been busy, so hopefully time has passed quickly for them as well. :)

Things are always in motion here, I make a point to do things that relax me on the weekends in between the errands and "to-do" list accomplishments, but time just keeps flying by... I can't believe we're into September, the year is going to finish in a whirlwind.

Kenneth called me tonight from the Machine Gun Range and I heard a few rounds going off in the background. I cannot even tell you the wave of nostalgia that hit me along with a million flashes of images in my brain from our time at Camp Pendleton... seems like a lifetime ago... I am glad I got to hear Kenneth's voice and catch up a little, those chances have been few and far between this time around.

I took Kent by Alpha Fighting Systems this evening to find out what programs they have for children and the cost. If what the guy told me is accurate, its very reasonable and is 3 nights a week, so what a great way to get to really know some other kids, get some great exercise and training too. I'll take him next week to try it out and hope it "clicks" for him - I really want him to find some sort of sport he likes and wants to be involved in. It would be so good for him, and I could see Kenneth really enjoying watching him do this, and going to tournaments with him. It might be something they could really enjoy sharing when Kenneth is home.

We're going to try a church out tomorrow as well. I am truly ashamed at how long its been since we had an actual church family, but it seems it is just "time" for some big shifts around here and that is one of the ones on my important list. The service is at 9:30 and we might stay for the study classes after, I wasn't clear on what was offered for children during the classes time period, so I'll have to find out what Kent can do once we go tomorrow. One good thing about being in the South, there are churches literally everywhere you look. Within a 5 mile radius of me I'm sure there must be at least 20, so we can keep trying if this one isn't a great fit for us. The most important things to me are a good music program (I really want to start singing again), a good children's program, and sermons that are meaningful and understandable and hopefully a church that offers at least Wednesday night suppers and preferably children's activities, etc. Ways to get involved and get to know people outside of Sunday Service.

It is so quiet right now... Kent has gone to bed, one of my chi's is sleeping on a pillow next to me and the fan is whirring gently... what a peaceful end to my day. :)


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