MOVIE: Marley and Me

I just watched this movie with Kent this evening... My eyes are so puffy and my shirt is tear stained. I can honestly not remember the last time a film had me literally sobbing, body wrenching actual sobs. Any dog lover who feels their pet is much more than a pet will most likely have a similar reaction, especially if you have gone through the loss of a beloved furry friend.

The story is a great one, well told, well acted, and there are so many great highs and lows and glimpses into their lives. Watching Marley age, knowing the inevitable is getting closer and then going through the loss with the family - watching the children mourn, and the 2 who loved him and raised him from a puppy, it just tore at my heart and brought back the memories of loosing our first childhood dog, Darcy in winter 1995 and then our first family dog, Lulu in summer 2007. My brother, my sister and I all carry some sort of hurt over the loss of Darcy. We knew she wasn't well, but none of us knew she was being put down until after it happened and we never got to say goodbye. We'd grown up with her since we were very young, and I still feel devastated when I think of her. Not getting the chance to give her one last hug, one last I love you, one last I'm sorry for all the things I did to you as a kid when I didn't mean to hurt you... she was the most patient, good natured, and loving dog I've ever met. I still miss her so much. And our sweet Lulu... I still feel such a heavy heart for making that decision for her, guilt for not letting time make the decision for me... I know she wasn't well, she hurt, she had numerous things wrong, but it is such a heavy, heavy decision to end your friend's life even if you feel it is the compassionate thing to do. I just wished for more than that for her, and watching my son cry and grieve for her, his first dog, I wished I could take that away from him too.

Our animals give so much of themselves to us, so completely, and ask for so very little in return. It is no wonder we have 5 beautiful "clearance puppies" in our home, and often discuss the idea of bringing "just one" more home. They mean so much to us, give so much love, so much comfort. No judgement, just friendship, companionship, loyalty... how could I not want to give as many as possible who are currently in shelters, waiting for homes, in rescue groups having been through one tragedy after another a chance for a family, a warm bed, food twice a day, clean water and love... we have so much love to give and feel so grateful for our furry friends, my 4-legged children, Kent's brothers and sisters (that's what he calls them!)...

This movie made me think of all this and more. The bond between us and our animals is such a precious thing, and this movie captures that (and much more) beautifully.


  1. That movie even made my husband sob. It was soooo sad, but so heartwarming.


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