House is Falling Apart?!

I swear the house just gangs up on me when Kenneth is gone!! The doorknob to the back porch fell apart yesterday and this has happened once before so at least we knew how to fix it, even if it was still a huge pain. The tire to the riding mower (which I am physically unable to start anyway) now has a flat tire I discovered. And today when we were trying to get out the door to church the refrigerator door FELL OFF!! What the HECK?? It took me and Kent a good 20 minutes to get it back together, having to empty the door, tighten the metal piece on the bottom, and finagling it all back into place. We couldn't get the bottom washer on and I am starting a running list of things I need "man" help with... Mowing the back yard, the refrigerator door, and getting a fan installed in Kent's room... sigh.

So, there went my plans to go to church this AM. Luckily they have a PM session too, so we'll go then but I was all set and excited to go this morning!

I am going to run a couple errands this morning, work on my cook book project and maybe a writing project I have going as well. I am really tired too, been staying up way too late! A nap this afternoon would be a nice treat. :)


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