Meds Class Done - Bring on the Lupron!

It really feels surreal that meds start tomorrow (I think, I've been thinking it was Friday, but I'm pretty sure its Oct. 1, I need to recheck my meds sheet at home). I can't believe after all this "down time" its time to start cycling... I'm not nervous, I am a little excited, and mostly just curious how it will turn out!! Weird feeling, almost like I'm peeking in on someone else's life...!

I went for the meds instruction class yesterday and a run down of our rough schedule. My IM "L" will start Provera on October 7th and I am to start estrace 5 days before her period arrives (since she starts meds on CD1), so probably around the 14th of October for estrogen to start. Once estrogen starts I cut my lupron from .2cc to .1cc but stay on it I think through transfer if I remember what she said correctly. I didn't get a nice neat schedule with dates, because everything depends on L's schedule and we don't have a definitive timeline for that yet until after her period arrives and they can nail some things down. So for now, that's my estimates. Lupron tomorrow and estrace in a couple weeks. Yay for cycling!

During the meds class she pretty much said I didn't need to actually go through the exercise of drawing up the meds since I've done it so many times, but she had everything out and drew back on the needle to pull the air in so I went ahead and took it to plunge it into the "lupron" bottle (which I assume actually had saline in it or something) and I BENT the needle bad!! I went to put it straight in, and bam sideways it went... she said that needle had been used many, many times, but still I was like "I'm supposed to be an 'expert' here and I can't even practice right"! Hee hee!! :D Oh well, lets just hope I don't do that to the needle that will then go into my stomach - bent needles don't exactly bode well for a smooth injection and removal...!! :)


  1. ouch.

    I am covered in bruises from the another week of it YAY


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