Something About November

I was just doing the rough calculations in my head on when transfer would be (its usually targeted for 5 weeks after lupron is started, so 8 weeks from my period starting) and of course it would fall right around the first week of November... I don't know what it is about November... Fiona's transfer was November 3, 2006 our 2nd (and failed) transfer attempt was November 21, 2008. I am actually having a hard time believing that was only 1 full year ago... It seems like SOOOO MUCH has happened in that amount of time, a lot of changes in me, in the person I am what I want, what my focus is, my out look... I am a much happier person now, very content with my life, very happy with what I have and overall who I am.

Yesterday was a weird day, started out crappy because I didn't turn my alarm on and Kent woke me up with a tentative knock at 5:55 which is usually when I'm blow drying my hair and getting ready to head down to the car. I rushed around and speed showered and dressed and 20 minutes later went down and pushed the button to open the garage door. It went up an inch and made a noise like something was stopping it and came back down. Puzzled I pushed the button a couple more times, and the same thing happened. Something clicked then and I looked closer and sure enough it was LOCKED! We NEVER lock the garage door, I had forgotten I even could, but the friend Kent had over on Monday had locked it while they were playing down in the basement. It took me FOREVER to figure out how to get it unlocked! It was jammed about 1 inch off the ground, so the metal bars were tight and I couldn't just twist it like you should be able to. I'd already unlocked the piece holding the metal bars in place and then I strained, and strained and strained to get it to release, I tried jumping on the metal tab at the bottom to push the door down, but only succeeded in scraping my ankle pretty bad, then I sliced my finger where I was trying to twist the metal bars back into place... I was not in a pretty mood by that time and I was trying so hard to bite my tongue and not yell, I KNOW it wasn't Kent's fault - but it was his friend's fault and I was upset that he'd let him roam around in the basement without keeping a better eye on him. Eventually I tried closing the garage door once more to see if it'd stay down and release the pressure on the bars, it didn't but that brief pressure relief as it went down before coming back up was enough that since the lock had been undone they were able to snap back into place on their own. I'm not sure how long that whole ordeal took, but we were DEFINITELY running very late by then! I got Kent to school and tried to make sure he knew I wasn't mad at him at all and that I loved him and off to work I went. At least my day at work was pretty uneventful, though my ankle stung pretty much all day.

I ran my errands on the way home dropping Kenneth's picture off for framing. It was very expensive but I think its really going to look beautiful and is such a special moment captured. I cannot wait to see the finished piece in a couple weeks! I am hoping my father in law will help hang it when he comes out to help with a couple things around the house later in the month.

Also, after another suggestion from my inlaws about raising the deck (Kenneth had said this to me before) on the push mower to see if that would help get it through the thick grass, I finally decided to try it and low and behold it really worked. It was slow going, I had to really move SLOWLY through the thickest parts of the grass, but it did it without dying too much (from getting clogged) and I was actually able to see some progress after about an hour, though the darkness and rain chased me back inside. Tonight Kent has his first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) class and then I'm hoping we can work in the yard for another hour and maybe get most of the fenced area under control and then I can work on the side yards later. I still really don't want to spend multiple nights of my week working on it, and will probably have it serviced at least once, but if I can get the worst of the back under control it shouldn't cost as much and I will feel better that I did it! :)

I'm listening to "Nights in Rodanthe" on CD in my car this week and really enjoying it! I can't wait to hear how it ends! It is going pretty quickly - I think I only have about 2 more hours (2 more CDs) and then I'll be done with that one and can listen to "A Bend in the Road" next. I am really glad I listened to Three Weeks With My Brother before reading/listening to any other Nicholas Sparks books; I feel like I am seeing "insider information" in his stories now, things that are a part of the book that come from his life. It's really interesting. I really enjoy spending my time reading, I am so glad I started again!


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