Getting Kenneth's Picture Framed

I am so excited... I have been putting this off for awhile because of cost, but I'm going to cross fingers, knock on wood and pray no huge unexpected expenses arise and go take the amazing picture of Kenneth and his Marines in front of one of the palaces in Iraq that was taken in 2003 while he was there during the war and get it custom framed. It is a breath taking picture and I just have this huge desire to get it done and hung and have it up before he deploys again... its weird that we've had it sitting so long without having anything done with it. I guess I was never QUITE sure how Kenneth felt about having it put up, I think he is proud of the picture but at the same time I can only wonder at the emotions and memories it evokes and so I've hesitated to get it done. But it came up in conversation not too long ago, so it seems he does want to get it done too. I can't wait to see it finished!! Then the biggest decision is dining room or living room... Do I want to look at it every day, or just some days...


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