Yochi Yochi 3-in-1 Child Safety Harness #Review

I was offered the opportunity to test out the Yochi Yochi, 3-in-1 child safety harness and was thrilled to receive this product and see how it would work for us! It has many possible uses, but the most likely use (at least for us) will be as a portable high chair / seat belt harness during traveling, family get togethers, dinners out, etc. It is very light weight, and works perfectly to keep baby safe on any standard chair (can be strapped around the outside of the chair, or through the back if it has spindles like our chair pictured above). The strap is very adjustable and is very wide when fully let out.

We strapped Lindsey into one of our kitchen chairs and I loved how easy this was to use, how adjustable the straps are, and how well stitched the Yochi Yochi is. It is also nicely padded to be comfortable for little tummies and legs. Our daughter is 17 months old and around 25 pounds and this fit her very easily, with plenty of room to grow. The adjustable velcro piece at the waist is sturdy, and secure, and can grow with your child.

I didn't tighten Lindsey is too much during our test - and she wiggled up and down and side to side and I felt that she was very secure in the chair, while still allowing her room to move a little and not feel too constricted. She actually seemed to like being put into the harness!

Product Information via Amazon:
  • Small apartment, or travelling? This is an excellent space saver high chair because it fits on most chairs - use as portable high chair for babies/ toddler chair at home, or use in restaurants or at grandma's house.
  • Super easy to use and clean up. It's light and you can easily wipe away light spills or wash in your washing machine for tougher stains.
  • Perfect travel harness because if you are travelling with kids, who has space for big, bulky travel chairs. Travelling abroad? High chairs and shopping cart safety straps are not standard features around the world, so take your own travel high chair. Walking through crowded airports - strap on your yochi yochi and keep your kid close, or flying and you didn't pay for a seat for your toddler? Strap them to you. It's a great all rounder and a must have if you are travelling with small children.
  • Yochi Yochi is versatile because you can use it as a portable high chair/ travel high chair, or grocery cart safety strap, or it's extremely useful to use as a toddler harness for when you are at theme parks and you want to give your kid the freedom to walk around, but stay safe and within reach. Plus it grows with your child because you can use it from the time they are 6 months, all the way to 5 years.
  • Use as a baby harness or toddler harness when you are out and about. Small enough to fit into a purse or dad's pocket, so you can easily turn your baby into a portable baby. Great to use all year round because the fabric is breathable, so no worries about heat rashes. We are pleased to offer a money back guarantee - see product description below for more information.

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