Visit with Maggie!

Today we drove to West Georgia to visit Maggie - she's taking some pictures of body imperfections like scars, etc. for a project and we were all subjects for her. She got some awesome pictures of Kent's cute crooked pinkies and some not so great, but real pictures of some of my stretch marks!! Oh well, they are what they are, and I wear them with pride, most of the time!! :)

I am finished with one more week of P90X after finishing Kenpo-X this evening! Yippee! 3 more weeks and I'll be done with the full 90 days and on to something else!

We took L.B. and Sadie to the vet for their annual appointments this morning and they did great, though our great big Rottweiler was a huge wimpering baby when it came to her blood draw and shots... our little chi did great though - I always worry a little about how he'll handle stressful situations like that after all the trauma he's had in his little life! He did very good though. We also walked them around the park for about 15 minutes before their appointment when we had some time to kill - Sadie found the duck and geese VERY fascinating and stopped to stare at them with her ears perked quite a bit as we made our way around the little pond! L.B. was his usual spazzy self and just ran all over the place. He's doing pretty well on a leash though, especially compared to how he acted when we first got him! Can't believe we've had him for 2 years now!!

Hubby is ready for some company on the couch to finish up an episode of Nip Tuck on Netflix, so off I go - hope everyone has a great evening!!


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