First GS Journey Flashbacks...

I was just going through photobucket and cleaning it up; my "surrogacy" folder has morphed into a catch-all and I wanted to pull out all my GSx1 pictures into its own separate album and of course was loving all the fond memories as I went through the pictures.

So join me in a walk down memory lane.... it all started back in 2006...

3.14.06 - Faxed application to Fran at A Woman's Gift

3.22.06 - Had phone interview with Fran
3.25.06 - Had initial teleconference with T&I
4.18.06 - 4 Preliminary cultures taken
4.27.06 - Culture results from OB came back
5.11.06 - Fly to NJ, meet Tom & Irena and Fran, have sono-hysterogram and labs at Cooper Clinic
5.12.06 - Pyschology Appointment, fly back to Atlanta
5.16.06 - Most labs back, all clear
5.17.06 - Faxed background check authorizations to Fran
5.22.06 - Background checks came back clear
5.23.06 - Spoke to Fran for 2 hours going over preliminary contract questionnaire
5.26.06 - E-mail from IF says we're "Good to go"!
6.12.06 - Signed contract

6.25.06 - Started cycle meds

June 2006 - "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" - dreaming of transferring soon with Tom & Irena!

A drawer full of syringes, needles and meds (aka my "Junkie Drawer")!

We had a canceled cycle in July due to my lining not responding correctly (I had fluid) followed by a couple months of additional tests/mock cycle and 1 additional canceled cycle in September, and then we cycled again in late October with an early November transfer and...

11-10-06 7dp3dt and 11-11-06 8dp3dt BFPs!

11-29-06 6 weeks pregnant and oh joy a reaction to the vivelle dot patches!

12-6-06 7 weeks pregnant and our first ultrasound!

12-26-06 9w6d and Merry Christmas!

1-24-07 14 weeks along!

1-25-07 Ultrasound!

2-14-07 Happy Valentines Day! 17 Weeks pregnant!

3-7-07 we reached the half-way mark! 20 weeks today!

 3-8-07 Our 20w1d Ultrasound and we found out Tom & Irena are expecting a GIRL!!

3-28-07 23 weeks along now!

4-5-07 Super cute 3-D image of Miss Munchkin snuggling her umbilical cord:

4-25-07 27 weeks!

5-16-07 30 weeks! Time is flying by!

5-30-07 32 weeks and an ultrasound - super cute close up of her face!! Love this one!

6-13-07 34 weeks and 6-16-07 34w3d swollen feet!!

6-24-07 35w4d "Artistic" Belly pictures - a surro friend took a couple pictures my son helped me take and touched them up!

6-27-07 36 week adorable ultrasound picture!

7-18-07 39 weeks pregnant!!

One of my VERY favorite pictures of Fiona and her mommy!

Me and my kiddo in the hospital bed:
Some of the pictures I've received over the years, getting to watch Fiona grow up!

I am SO blessed and thankful to my IPs for the updates over the last few years; I think she is just so gorgeous and am SO proud that I got to be a small part of her beginnings. I cannot believe that she'll be FOUR this July!! Where does the time go?

Amazing to think of all the time, love and energy that can be summed up in this little amazing person!


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