Made Me Smile...! :)

I am awake at 3:00am and feeling cruddy - I came down with some nastiness on Friday and did not get out of bed until about 5:00pm yesterday, was up for a couple hours and then back to bed a little after 9:00pm. So I got a LOT of sleep and knew I wouldn't sleep well through the night. I am awake, still feeling sleepy but not sure I can actually go back to sleep.

My throat is killing me and is thick with mucous drainage. My stomach is churning, probably from all the drainage. I didn't eat much yesterday, but everything I did eat seemed to really upset my stomach. I hope today is at least a little better...

In any event, I came out to the computer and was working on some budgeting stuff from last year and decided to hop on Facebook and peek in on my FIM's page and I found pictures of my surrobabe! They made me smile from ear to ear! I haven't seen any pictures since we said good-bye at the hospital (3 months and a week ago already!!) so that totally made my day. :) She is adorable and I'm so glad I was able to see how she's been growing. :)

So, I guess even if I have another cruddy day and spend it in bed all day again, at least I had a great start to it and sweet pictures that bring me a smile that I can take a look at for a little pick me up today. :)

Ok, off to see if I can get some more sleep... fingers crossed...!


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