Farewell February!

Today is the last day of the 2nd month of the year... already!! How did that happen?? The days are flying by for sure. I am now 1 week shy of being 4 months post partum! Seems like AGES ago since I delivered. I have had the easiest recovery so far and am so happy at how easy it has been to bounce back physically. I've never had a difficult recovery, but this one has absolutely been exceptionally easy on me!

Kenneth got a quick note back from the person he's been in touch with previously regarding the potential job he's interested in for after graduation and they have a class that would start about 1 1/2 weeks after graduation (in late May) which would give him time to travel to the training location and get set up with little down time in between so timing wise that is awesome! I'm so excited for him that he's found something he feels enthusiastic and excited about and will continue to keep my fingers and toes crossed for him. He's hoping to get his Bronco up and running between now and then as he'd like to pull a trailer with his motorcycle on it behind it. If he's not able to get the Bronco road worthy by then he'll probably take the Vette instead. At least he has options! It would be awesome though, if he did get the Bronco ready so I could have the other half of the garage back!! :D He's been having fun working on it recently - he spent quite a bit of time Friday and Saturday in the basement and came back upstairs covered in dirt and grease... lovely! :D I'm glad he has projects to work on that he enjoys though and it's great that Kent is old enough to often be a good helper!

It's a little chilly in my office today and I'm wishing I'd worn something a little warmer! The minute it starts warming up outside I swear they totally crank up the A/C and freeze me! I have to dress warm no matter what time of year it is, it seems.

Tomorrow is my next chiro adjustment and massage and I can't wait!! I always feel so much more relaxed through my shoulders after seeing Vanessa. So glad Spa Qi introduced themselves to our company!

Here's hoping for a peaceful and productive day! I'm already ready to get back home and see my boys and spend some time with them this evening. I have to run a couple errands on the way home as well, so I hope the rest of the morning and this afternoon pass quickly! :)


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