Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's was another day of feeling pretty under the weather for me and the whole weekend went far from planned. I procrastinated and hadn't done my Valentine's shopping yet, so I didn't even have a card to give hubby on V-day. I am going to make it up to him tonight since I'm somewhat mobile again and back at work; I am going to stop off and get the fixings to make him a nice steak dinner tonight for a belated Valentine's Day special dinner. He had an adorable card for me though and beautiful ruby and pearl jackets to go on the diamond studs he bought me a couple years ago. They are beautiful! He is VERY sweet and spoils me rotten when it comes to jewelry. I complain sometimes that he's not as creative and romantic as I would like, but he sure does know how to buy jewelry so I know I really shouldn't complain! I have told him before, I don't really want or need anything expensive - I would rather have a little creativity and romance, but I think he likes to stick to what he knows best! :D So I have a very nice jewelry wardrobe instead - I need to get my 2nd earring holes re-pierced so I can move the diamond studs up and wear the other earrings he's gotten me over the years more often!

I am on the mend, slowly but surely. Still not feeling all that great. We ended up spending hours at the Urgent Care on Sunday afternoon and finally got seen and told it was a Sinus Infection and given a prescription for antibiotics, cough medicine and a decongestant. The cough medicine and decongestant work GREAT but cause me to be very, very loopy - so I cannot take them and drive which means I am feeling my symptoms more today than I was yesterday since I decided to come to work today whereas yesterday I stayed on the couch and was able to just be loopy! :)

I am looking forward to taking meds when I get home and getting rid of this awful pressure in my ears from the congestion.

I am very tired and would love a nap... I think I might head home early after my 12:45 Spa Qi appointment; I am very much looking forward to that massage! I seriously might fall asleep this time with how out of it I already am.

I missed 2 of my P90X workouts last week because of how sick I've been feeling and I missed Monday's, but I am determined to do Monday's tonight and just be a day off the whole week but try to get them all in. I'm on the last Week of Phase 2 and I don't want to mess it up any more than I already have... being sick just throws a wrench in everything!

Kenneth and I are still talking through baby decisions. Whether or not to move forward with another GS or to try for our own. I would really like to have one more of our own, but don't want to force him into anything he's not fully on board with and he's so logical about everything I think it's a lot harder for him to just "want" something and that be a good enough reason. I hope we can come to a resolution, either way, within the next month or two just so I can plan for the "what's next"! There are so many other variables in the coming year, it would be nice to have one thing I know I could plan towards one way or another.

I cannot wait for the next month and half to pass and for Kenneth to decide if he's going to put in for that great job! I am excited for him to be so close to graduation and be able to move on towards a career he will be excited about! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it will all work out great!


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