Beautiful Sunday!!

What a gorgeous and wonderful day it's been!! The weather is so perfect today. We had a good church service this morning and went home for a little while before we went out and met with new friends for lunch at Jim N Nicks - we haven't been there in a long time so that was a really nice treat!

After lunch we ran a couple errands and then went home, changed and hopped on the Harley for about an hour long ride. What a great day for it! I haven't been on the bike in AGES!! I can't even remember the last time. Kenneth was gone most of the summer of 2009 and then I was pregnant throughout the warmer weather in 2010 so it may have been since 2008? I can't remember for sure, but I know its been quite awhile! In any event, the sun felt great, the wind felt good on my skin and it was gorgeous out there! It was relaxing and a nice way to spend a little of our afternoon together.

We're talking about maybe going for a day trip ride either next weekend or maybe the one after - we've never done that before but I think it would be great! Kenneth has found a bunch of routes online with scenic drives and I would love to follow one of those routes and get to take lots of great pictures and maybe pack a picnic lunch to enjoy along the way!

I need to go clean the bathroom and fold some of the laundry we washed and I will feel like it's been a productive and pretty dang fantastic day!! :)


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