37w2d - NINETEEN Days to Go!

I just woke up from a little nap, I love my naps! We had a LONG night last night but had SUCH A GREAT time at our friend's Halloween party! It was really a great day! Started out with a Halloween Potluck and Costume Contest at work which took up quite a bit of the day, getting the room ready, setting all the food up on the tables, and coordinating throughout. We had a good little group dress up (I went as a "Farm Girl") and the food was good; I always love seeing what people will bring to Potluck events! I made "Graveyard Cupcakes" which were a lot of effort, but well worth it - they turned out great! I made chocolate cupcakes, frosted with chocolate frosting, then crushed up chocolate chip cookies in the food processor and sprinkled over the top of the cupcakes to look like dirt. Then I decorated 30 milano cookies with "Boo" "RIP" and crosses and put 1 cookie in each cupcake to look like a Tombstone. I had 2 dessert tins to transport them, and put green paper down on the bottom to sort of look like grass, put the cupcakes in and then arranged gummi worms on and around the cupcakes. They came out super cute!

After clean up and then wrapping up a few other things at work the day was over - it flew by! I swung by the store and picked up a costume for our Friday night Halloween party at our friends house and then hurried home and threw a pan of brownies in to bake. I decided I wanted to use up the gummi worms and chocolate chip cookies I had bought for the cupcakes by doing another "dirt" dish!

Once I got the brownies baking and whipped up a packet of pudding and got that in the fridge to set I got dressed. I went as a pregnant nun!! :) It was really cute and I was pretty happy with how I looked. As soon as the brownies were done I put the pan in the fridge hoping it would cool enough to at least handle before we had to leave a little before 7:00!

Eventually it was about time to go, so I pulled the brownies out and broke it into large chunks and put the chunks in the bottom of a big bowl (and of course, taste tested along the way!! :D ) I put the chocolate pudding over that, and then a good layer of finely ground chocolate chip cookies for the "dirt" and topped with the last of the gummi worms. It was cute (and VERY rich and yummy - though with the brownies being hot they sort of soaked up most of the pudding and the bottom layer kind of turned into rich gooey brownie pudding!!)

We got to our friend's house and enjoyed many hours of conversation, great food, a fantastic bon fire and lots of laughs! There were several people there from Kenneth's unit so he knew people which was nice, so he felt comfortable pretty much right away. I found a spot at the fire and ended up chatting with several different people and really enjoying 2 little girls of one of the guests that found my soft fuzzy coat fun to pet - they were too cute! :)

I ate way too much food - they had such a great spread out! Dave fried a turkey (as a trial run for Thanksgiving! :D ) and that was amazing! There was a Honey Baked ham, shrimp cocktail, ham & cream cheese roll ups, wonderful bread rolls, cheese slices, pickles, chex mix, wheat thins, chicken crackers, LOTS of fresh fruit with caramel and yogurt dip, cake, black olives, veggies and dip... yummmm!!

There were other kids for Kent to run around with the first few hours and he wore himself out and had a great time! Sherry goes ALL out for Halloween and there were tons of great decorations all over the house and outside. There was a lovely little zombie baby in the bathroom that cried at you every time you left the bathroom - and of course I had to visit the bathroom frequently thanks to my limited bladder capability at this point! :D Creepy little thing!!

We didn't leave until I think around 1:15 am - it was a really fun evening. We were exhausted but just had a great time hanging out with everyone and didn't really want to leave!

We all crashed as soon as we got home and gave the dogs a quick potty break, but had to get up at 7:30 to get ready to head to Atlanta for Kenneth's chiro appointment. I went with him and walked the next door neighborhood again while he was getting worked on. I walked about 1.5 miles in about 30 minutes - I remembered to bring the pedometer this time so I could see about how long the walk was. It was really cold this morning, but thankfully I dressed pretty warm so I wasn't uncomfortable - and the cool air helped wake me up a little!

I'm feeling pretty good today - obviously exhausted from staying up so late, and having some lovely sinus headachy/stuffy ear thing going on. The only potential pre-labor stuff has been some gastrointestinal upset this morning and I got a couple good contractions so far today, but not much. Even the whole walk I didn't get 1 good one until the VERY end of the walk! So, nothing much going on in that department today, so looks like we'll definitely get to go trick or treating tomorrow evening!! :)


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